The Future Freaks Me Out!

4 03 2008

I really am beginning to freak out. Chris is doing his best to tell me everything will work out and to relax. The problem with someone telling me to relax is that it usually has the opposite effect.

 A deadline has been set for when I should be in Chicago. Chris has gladly taken the burden of apartment hunting, while I focus on job hunting and boards. Its only been a week (or less for some applications) but I haven’t heard back from anywhere yet and this is unnerving to me. I have no reason to panic yet, a week isn’t very long when it comes to applying for jobs. But as the days go by I become more anxious. I just want so badly for this whole moving experience to go as smooth as possible.

All of this anxiety has robbed me of my sleep, so Richard suggested making lists to take my mind off things. Instead of making a list of things I need to do (and thus amplifying my anxiety) I’m making a list of things that make me happy. I love making lists, don’t you?

Happy list!
•rainy/snowy days where I can stay in bed all day
•pumpkin spice lattes
•singing in the car
•celebrity gossip (guilty pleasure)
•cute animals
•holding hands
•the smell of baked goods in the oven
•reading a good book
•bubble baths
•the fleeting times when I actually enjoy digging my toes into the sand
•walks on warm summer nights
•good conversations

I could continue but I think the list may have served its purpose of distracting me and draining my brain at the same time. Richard always has good advice, and it usually works out well for me when I actually take it. 
Perhaps the next time I post I will have good news on the job hunting front. I could only hope! *fingers crossed* 



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