Eight things-Tagged by Richard

22 03 2008

I was tagged about a week ago in Richard’s blog to talk about eight random things about myself that you may or may not know. I kept meaning to do this earlier but I kept forgetting, so now that I have a free moment I’ll work on this:

1. Present day Maggie: I’m a CT Tech at Children’s Hospital, and despite the occasional complaint its a good job, I’ve read a few books this year already, and so far 2008 has been fantastic.

 2. I spent my spring break of ’04 in Osaka, Japan visiting my friend Christen. It was the first time I left the country alone, and also the first time I flew anywhere by myself. It was an experience that was truly something I’ll never forget.

3. When I was about to graduate high school my intention was to have a dual major in radiologic technology and computer programming.  Computer programming had been a huge interest of mine, but due to the strenuous schedule of the radiology program, I was unable to do both. I still consider going back and working on a degree in programming from time to time, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards at the moment.

 4. When I was younger I was very into gymnastics and was asked to compete. I never took the opportunity, but I don’t regret the decision. I did it for fun, and competing would have taken that away. Plus, I’m terrified of people watching me.

5.  I have been playing the violin since I was in junior high. Again, it’s something I do for pleasure and rarely play in front of others. My training ranges from classical to contemporary and everything in between. I have a gorgeous violin and unfortunately haven’t had much time to play it lately. I plan on resuming it once my life calms down a bit.

6. I have lived all my life in Pittsburgh, PA. All my friends and family are here. Everything that is comfortable to me is here. Until a few months ago, actually leaving PA was something I just casually talked about but never thought I’d do.

7. A lot of my friends joke that they have never seen me cry. It’s true that I have a tough exterior, but I will instantly tear up at any story that has to do with animal mistreatment. Hell, I can’t make it through “March of the Penguins” because I become a complete blubbering mess. Animals are a true soft spot for me.

8. As of May 1st, I will be living in Chicago. Some people think I may be making a hasty decision, but I need to find out for myself by giving it a shot. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous or anxious, but it’s because I have not found a job yet. I have a feeling everything will turn out alright. I will be sharing a gorgeous apartment with the most amazing person I’ve ever met and I can’t wait. 

So thats eight things about me. I know I’m supposed to pass the torch on to others, but I’d be tagging people who were already tagged.  Feel free to post eight random things about yourself though, getting to know others is so interesting.