Wall•E wins hearts!

27 06 2008

So far this year, Wall•E was my most anticipated film. More than Ironman, Indiana Jones, and the Incredible Hulk combined. Anytime I watched a trailor I would get goosebumps, so it should come as no surprise that I had my ticket well in advance for the midnight showing. 

I promise not to give away too much, because I know many of you are also excited to see it and I don’t want to give everything away. The story takes place 700 years in the future, where Earth is a desolate wasteland. Wall•E bots were designed to clean up the pollution and waste that has stricken the planet. From what you can gather, he is the last remaining Wall•E bot and he’s pretty lonely. Wall•E is basically a trash compactor; he collects garbage, compacts it, and stacks it neatly. Eve is a very sleek egg shaped robot with a temper who is programmed to find sustainable life on earth i.e. a plant. Wall•E is lovestruck at first sight. Eve, like most females, likes to play hard to get. In an attempt to impress Eve, Wall•E shows her his favorite items that he keeps in his storage container. He shows her a small plant that he’s been keeping in a boot, and that’s when the real adventure begins. 

Wall•E is every bit as charming and endearing as he is in the trailors. His robot romance with Eve is as real as any live action one, and probably a bit more heartwarming. The movie’s mood shifts from playful, to action-packed, to serious without coming across as a stretch. I admit to tearing up a few times toward the end. The animation is spectacular; I almost forgot it was animated a few times. Overall, the emotional effects and message of the film pluck on the heartstrings without feeling forced and the visual imagery provides a landscape that is literally out of this world.

Pixar really lived up to the hype with this one. I really think kids and adults alike will have a sense of wonder and adoration for this film. Go see it, I promise you won’t be disappointed. 


When you’re at the bottom of everything..

20 06 2008

I hate using this as my pedestal for whining, but sometimes it’s inevitable. Just when I feel things are starting to get on track where they’re supposed to be, the universe decides to throw a wrench into things. Maybe its because I’ve had it pretty easy my whole life. Maybe I’m being taught some sort of lesson. I never really realized how easy I had it until I didn’t anymore. 

Nothing has been easy since moving here. Job searching has been frustrating and downright depressing. The ratio for jobs applied to and jobs I actually received a call for an interview for is discouraging. I finally was offered a part time job, and I excitedly accepted. I was told after my health screening was cleared I would be contacted within a few days with my start date. After a week of silence I started attempting to contact the HR person for details. None of my calls were ever returned. I even started contacting my would-be manager, and still nothing. Determined not to give up because I really need this job, I went to the place and waited almost an hour to speak to someone. I wasn’t going to leave until I had some sort of answer. Unfortunately, I was told no good news. Basically I was hired for a position they technically didn’t even have yet. Until they get administrative approval for the position, I’m still in job limbo. 

When you’re growing up, you never realize how much you depended on your parents for things. I guess it’s an understanding that when you’re a parent you’re expected to provide for your child. When you’re an adult and you’re depending on someone else, it’s scary. I haven’t depended on my parents since I moved out when I was 19. Now I find myself in unfamiliar territory. I have to depend on both my boyfriend and parents. I feel like a loser and a failure. I’ve never felt this way about myself and I hate it. 

Despite my complaints, it really hasn’t been all bad here. I love my apartment. It’s gorgeous. I really do have an amazing boyfriend. If he didn’t treat me as awesome as he does by taking care of me, I would’ve gone home by now. I have friends that I can go out and have fun with. Chicago is an amazing city, I feel lucky to call this place my home. 

I’m not ready to throw the towel in yet. I rarely give up on things I set my mind to, and I like it too much here to go back. I’m just kind of stuck on the bottom floor in an elevator waiting to go up. 

“for people who dont have exciting lives, blogging can lead to depression and self esteem issues”

6 06 2008

Ahhh, Russell Davis. The words he speak usually are dripping with sarcasm, but are undeniably the truth. In a conversation about blogging, the title of this entry was born.

Russell and I usually reminisce about the past. Lately we’ve been talking about the present and the future. We’re both so excited about what our lives have become and where we are headed. Him, with moving to North Carolina, and me, here in Chicago.

Fortunately, things are beginning to look up. For a while I was having serious doubts about the situation. I finally got a job. It’s just part time, but it’s a start. I have another interview lined up for another part time job so if I get that, then I am ahead of the game. Worrying about how you’re going to pay the rent, let alone eat is a terrible feeling. With the part time job the bills are paid. Hopefully the other will give me money to play with.

The rough patch with the friends is finally starting to smooth over. I’m sure its a relief for Chris as well. I feel like I’m starting to form friendships with a few people, and I’m glad I have my old roommate here as well.

Inevitably though, I am homesick. I miss my friends, my family, my old coworkers. I miss the food. Oh god, do I miss the food. Sometimes I miss my car. I don’t miss paying for gas, but sometimes I get annoyed relying on public transit. I can’t wait to come home and visit. And go out to eat!

And the next time I see Russell we are going to gorge ourselves on sheetz fries and mad mex burritos and discuss writing our memoirs of when we lived together in insanity.