Exciting News (Belated)!!

31 12 2008


I got engaged!!! The day after Christmas!!! I’m super excited.

My new fiancé and I could not be happier. We set up a website to keep our friends and family updated on the upcoming nuptuals.

Sorry for the belated announcement.


Goodbye 2008…

31 12 2008

Yesterday at my office, my coworker Delfina and I were discussing New Year’s resolutions. She was reading an article from U.S. News (which unfortunately I can’t link to because WordPress is acting up at the time of this post) that suggested 50 ways to improve your life in 2009. We decided to challenge one another to compile our own list of 50 ways to improve ourselves in 2009. I’m pleased to say I won the challenge, because I actually listed 50 things compared to Delfina’s 37. Since I went through the trouble of compiling the list, I felt I should share.

50(+) ways to improve my life in 09′

  1. Blog more  (2008 was my first year, and I didn’t do it nearly as much as I would have liked to)
  2. Stress less
  3. Be nicer to Chris, my awesome fiancé
  4. Take a yoga class
  5. Play the violin more, learn a new song
  6. Learn a new musical instrument
  7. Go to the eye doctor, get cute new glasses
  8. Go to the dentist
  9. Learn French
  10. Save for wedding
  11. Clear out clutter in the apartment
  12. Learn to cook something new
  13. Study more history (Holocaust, French Revolution, etc)
  14. Walk to work as often as possible
  15. Invest more money
  16. Bring lunches to work
  17. Improve relationship with grandparents
  18. Take more mini-vacations
  19. Visit home more
  20. Visit a state I’ve never been to
  21. Let go of drama from the past
  22. Do something nice for a stranger
  23. Clear out old clothes & donate to charity
  24. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  25. Read as many non-fiction books as fiction
  26. Expand knowledge on philosophy
  27. Take a pottery class
  28. Buy a camera & learn more about photography
  29. Watch Casablanca & Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  30. Read Breakfast at Tiffany’s first
  31. Plan a ghost hunt
  32. Stop making excuses & go to the gym
  33. Organize cabinets in kitchen
  34. Strengthen new friendships
  35. Be conscientious about recycling
  36. Stop whining/complaining so much
  37. Update resumé
  38. Donate to a charity
  39. Pick up a new hobby
  40. Get a massage
  41. Take better care of myself
  42. Stop setting unrealistic expectations
  43. Pay off debt
  44. Don’t acquire new debt
  45. Think about purchasing a home
  46. Get more rest
  47. Cut back on caffeine
  48. Learn to like a new vegetable
  49. Take a cake decorating class
  50. Take a dance class
  51. Stop biting my nails!!

What are your resolutions? Are you looking forward to 2009?

I will be sad to see 2008 go, but I cannot wait to see what 2009 brings. This past year has been the best year ever, so I’m hoping the upcoming year will continue to build on that. I wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy New Year!!