Happy Mother’s Day!

10 05 2009

Last year I wrote a post about my mom for Mother’s Day. Even though I’m not sure if she knows this blog even exists, I liked being able to share with my readers why I appreciate my mom. Continuing with my new tradition, I give you more reasons why I think my mom is an amazing person:

  • She talks to me every day (even though I’m usually the one to call her). Even when I only lived 10 minutes away, I was always calling her or dropping in to say hi. Now that I’m far away, I make sure I talk to her whenever I can.
  • She’s always supported my dreams/goals/decisions. She’s never once told me “No, I really don’t think that’s a good idea” or “That’s a really stupid idea”.
  • She always sends Thank-You cards, even if it’s for the smallest thing.
  • She’s taken on the role of helping me plan my wedding. Even when I’ve threatened to fire her or told her she is not helping me like she should, she just lets me rant without saying a word. I’m sure she wants to pull her hair out, but she is still standing by my side.

Mom, you’re awesome & I love you!

So, what makes your mom special to you?




2 responses

10 05 2009

Probably my mom’s resourcefulness. If she needs to get something done, and isn’t quite sure how to, she’ll find a way. Glad I inherited some of that.

10 05 2009

My mama is beautiful. And her cooking is amazing. She drove across town to save me when I locked my keys in the car last week. She buys me things. She attempts to teach me how to cook over the phone. And she makes me laugh.

I could go on forever…

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