19 05 2009

I am 24.

Welcome to my mid-twenties (and official quarter life crisis).




8 responses

19 05 2009

Happy Birthday! We will have to celebrate soon!

19 05 2009

Happy Birthday!

19 05 2009

Happy Birthday, Maggie!!

19 05 2009

Happy birthday! Did you know that when God made you, He was showin’ off?!? 😉

19 05 2009
Kyla Roma

Happy birthday! I’m turning 24 on Saturday, very excited! If there’s anything I should be prepared for, let me know okay? =)

19 05 2009

Happy Birthday! I turned 24 this past February, it’s not such a bad year so far. I hear 26 is when it all starts going down hill.

21 05 2009

I’m coming in a bit late, but Happy Birthday!

25 05 2009

Happy belated birthday! Enjoy your ‘mid twenties’ while they last! I’m turning 25 in a couple of months…the last year I can officially call myself a ‘mid twenty-something.’ Next year I will be an upper-twenties lady…It’s all downhill from there. Er, uphill. 🙂

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