Babies on the brain

27 05 2009

I blame Discovery Health Channel.

Anytime there is a show about babies, I get sucked in. Case in point: my guilty pleasure to watch is “I didn’t know I was Pregnant”. I don’t know what it is about this show that captures my attention, because its basically the same story over and over again. Yet I find myself glued to the TV anytime it’s on.

Same goes for Birth Day and Deliver Me. As someone who has said repeatedly “I don’t want children” I’m addicted. Maybe its the growing part of me that says “I actually DO want to have a baby”.

I’m getting married in a year and I know for certain my future husband wants to have kids. I just can’t figure out how I will ever be ready for a baby. I can’t figure out how anyone ever is.

The other thing I notice in these shows is these new moms have a lot of help and support from family members. All of my family is in Pittsburgh, and Chris’ closest relatives are his elderly grandparents that live an hour away by train. If Chris & I remain in Chicago, we will be on our own raising a child.

I don’t normally get this personal about my relationship, but I was interested in hearing other peoples’ thoughts on the matter. Is anyone really ready for a child? I know a lot of couples don’t have the help/support of their family, so do you think that should be a deciding factor in having a child?




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