How’d you spend your Easter?

13 04 2009

To sum mine up: 2 planes, 2 hours in the air, 3ish hours in the aiport, 5 hours with my family, and 1 big surprise.

I don’t know about you guys, but Easter is just another excuse for my family to throw a party. Naturally, I was disappointed when I was missing yet another family function because I live here in Chicago and they all live in Pittsburgh.

I miss the food, the gossip, and the all around chaos that comes with being around my family. I missed out on Christmas because I spent it with Chris’ family. So facing another holiday away from them (and even worse: by myself ) was really depressing.

Needless to say, after spending most of friday and saturday moping Chris bought me a plane ticket so I could spend the day with my family. He tried to convince me to leave Saturday night, but I was having dinner with Jamie and I didn’t want to miss out on that. I booked the first flight out and the last flight home.

The best part: no one except my brother knew I was coming in. My mom was utterly stunned. My family was ecstatic. I have video of their reactions, it’s awesome. I can’t wait to post the video.

So how was your Easter? Did you overindulge in the festive food and candy?


The Long & Short of It (my Pittsburgh trip, that is)

6 04 2009

Last weekend I took a trip back home to Pittsburgh to get the ball rolling on the wedding plans. I’ve been engaged for, oh, 3 months now and have yet to make a single decision on one of the most important days in my life. I’m kind of a procrastinator.

First thing on the agenda: Pittsburgh’s Grand Hall. I was impressed. It was in a word, grand. Literally. It used to be a church that was converted into a banquet hall so there is this enormous pipe organ in the balcony, and stunning stained glass windows. My dad of course, saw all the dollar signs. Leave it to me to pick the most expensive place in Pittsburgh to have a wedding. While it’s still an option for a venue, I’m currently looking into other options. Right now I’m seriously considering Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.

Second (and perhaps most important) on the agenda: dress shopping!! I rounded up my mother, maid of honor/best friend/cousin, grandmother, and a couple of my aunts for a day at the dress shop. Poor Chris was left to spend the afternoon with my father. After trying on pretty much anything and everything, I narrowed my choices down to 3 dresses. At first I thought for sure my heart was set on one dress, but dress #2 was growing on me. The longer I had it on the more I loved it. It was settled, that was the dress. I am so excited and dying to reveal it, but I can’t post a picture for fear Chris would see the dress I chose.

Last but not least, I had scheduled a hair appointment with my friend Ashley. I still have have yet to find a hair salon here in Chicago, so my hair was in desperate need of TLC. As soon as I sat in the chair and took my hair out of the ponytail, I commanded to Ashley: “cut it off”. Ashley’s semi stunned response: “Are you sure??”. I was. 7 inches were lopped off. It felt so liberating!!

(ps. I hate smiling in pictures)

Basically, I’m exactly where I started–still looking for a venue, still struggling to set a date, and still debating on eloping. At least I picked a dress.

Pittsburgh brides (or brides in general really)–any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated. How did you settle on some of the bigger choices in planning a wedding?

One Week.

29 03 2008

This past week my boyfriend came in for a visit from Chicago. He had never been to Pittsburgh, so many adventures were planned.

He arrived Sunday afternoon, Easter Sunday afternoon to be exact. Which meant I had familial obligations. Which also meant Chris got to meet my family, save for my parents who are in California. I admit I was dreading introducing him to my family because they are loud, obnoxious, and are bound to attempt to hug you at some point. Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but there’s just no way to prepare someone for what they experience at a family gathering. Much to my relief, the meeting went extremely well and everyone liked him. Chris even managed to walk away from the experience with little emotional damage. Sunday evening was pretty lax despite the run-in with my ex-boyfriend at Walmart. Awkward.

Monday was “The Day of Science”. I took Chris to the Carnegie Science Center because that was the only thing he told me he actually wanted to do during his visit. Much science was done at the Science Center. Chris particularly enjoyed the wind tunnel and the earthquake machine. After that I took him to the Overlook to see the skyline, which had little to do with science. This was followed by dinner at my favourite restaurant, Ichiban, with some of my closest friends. Did I mention I also found out on Monday I passed my CT boards? Yep, I did. Good thing, I didn’t want that ruining our vacation.

Tuesday we began our journey to Niagara Falls. We would’ve made record time except we missed the exit for the peace bridge and ended up in an infinite loop through Buffalo. Luckily Ontario Man saved us and we made it into Canada. Our hotel suite was amazing but the weather was horrible. It was that awful rain/snow mix that doesn’t stick to anything but soaks you completely. We spent all of five minutes at the falls and went back to the hotel to dry off and get ready for dinner. We went to a Brazilian steakhouse, which was decent but in no way compared to Brazzaz in Chicago. Wednesday morning the weather was more favourable. We went back to the Falls and did the Journey Behind the Falls tour. We wandered around Clifton Hill a bit, I chased a squirrel around and Chris yelled at me for it and we headed back to the states. After some very personal questions from the American border patrol we were on our way back to Pittsburgh. On

Thursday I took Chris in to the hospital where I work so he could see what I do. I’m sure it bored him to death, but maybe now he has a little better understanding of what exactly it is I do. We rode the incline up to Mt. Washington, but the weather was typical of Pittsburgh (rainy and foggy) so the view was basically non-existent.

Much to my dismay, Chris went home to Chicago yesterday evening. It gets harder to say goodbye every time.  It sucks, but in five weeks I’ll be living in Chicago with him so I won’t have to say it anymore. I had a great week, it went by too fast. Now I’ll resume my normal life of staying up all night and tweeting too much. I’ve updated my flickr account and my .mac account with pictures from the week so check them out.